St. John's Adoration Chapel

St. John's Adoration Chapel
"Do Not Fear: I am with you. From here I will cast light Be sorry for sin."

Sunday, May 10, 2020

A Mother's Day Note for Mother Mary

A Daughter’s Note to Mother Mary on Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day, My Dear Mother Mary,

Thank you for accepting me into your heart as your child.  I am sorry for all the times I have neglected you. Forgive my lack of appreciation and my ingratitude, as well as my inconstant, no, maybe inconsistent is the better word, love. You are my Mother, my teacher, my queen.  You are “Mom”, “Mama”, “Mommy”. There is none better.  I thank you for all your love, your intercession and your protection; for all you are to me and for all you help me to be, and for leading me to your Divine Son.  In all things you are my role model.

For all that you do and for all that you give; for all that you are and for so much more, Mother Mary, I thank you and I love you.


Friday, May 8, 2020

I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life

Today's Gospel is such a wonderful passage.  It is such a Pauline Bible verse. Jesus reveals His all inclusive name, stating that He Is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  Blessed James Alberione chose this title to be specially honored in our Pauline family because it is the one Christ gives Himself and it covers everything that He is, not just one aspect.  I love that and I always get a little chill when this reading comes up. 

John 14:1-6

1 Do not let your hearts be troubled. You trust in God, trust also in me.
2 In my Father's house there are many places to live in; otherwise I would have told you. I am going now to prepare a place for you,
3 and after I have gone and prepared you a place, I shall return to take you to myself, so that you may be with me where I am.
4 You know the way to the place where I am going.
5 Thomas said, 'Lord, we do not know where you are going, so how can we know the way?'
6 Jesus said: I am the Way; I am Truth and Life. No one can come to the Father except through me.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Few External Mortifications...

Pauline life actually has few external mortifications, but it requires a whole continuity of sacrifices: the apostolates are actually a serious effort. It requires habit of sacrifice and generous dedication (AD.38)

~ Voice of the Founder April, May and June 2020

Friday, May 1, 2020

We Are Called to be Saints...

During my morning meditation I came across some inspiring words from the founder of the Pauline family.  Easier said than done, for sure, but definitely something to aspire to, and none of us lack the opportunities.  We may not be called to do great things for God, but we are all called to be saints.

“Great means for attaining common sanctity are: the daily fulfillment of our duties according to our state in life, the avoidance of voluntary defects, the work of corresponding to our own vocation, assiduous prayer and the frequent reception of the sacraments.”

~Blessed James Alberione (Daily Meditations: The Great Truths p. 178)

Friday, April 3, 2020

Casting Stones....

I receive daily emails from Blessed is She, and occasionally I like to share one that truly touched a chord for me. This is one such.  I hope you get as much out of it as I did.

By: Tricia Tembreull (from Blessed is She)

Like the people in today’s Gospel (John 10:31-42), we pick up rocks every time we see the “good works” Jesus does in our lives, yet we cannot recognize that He is God.

We pick up a jagged rock when we neglect to thank God for answered prayers, which we forgot we brought to Him in the first place. We skip stones over the water Christ recently walked on and pulled us out of when we began to drown. We do this when we no longer are in awe in His presence, or we don’t feel what we once felt in prayer. We see, but don’t believe.

Okay, so maybe you haven’t warmed up your arm lately to thrown a stone, but you’ve probably tried to arrest Jesus; and by arrest, I mean you tried to stop, restrain, or limit Him.

We arrest Jesus every time we listen to the voice of the evil one over His voice of truth.

We arrest Jesus every time we gossip or tear someone down versus notice Christ’s presence in them.

We arrest Jesus when we fail to accept help because our stubbornness gives way to pride instead of humility and compassion.

We arrest Jesus when we judge others and feel superior to them rather than see our brothers and sisters as equals made in the image and likeness of God.

Every time we fail to see, recognize, and accept Jesus as God, we are like the people in John’s Gospel. Jesus isn’t performing miracles so He will be seen; He works miracles in our lives so we will see and know Him.

I invite all of us to put down our stones and stop trying to find a way to arrest God. He performs good works, “so we may realize and understand that the Father is in me, and I am in the Father” (John 10:38).

Take some time in quiet prayer today and examine your heart, bringing it to Him.

Tricia Tembreull is a California girl with a boundless passion for life. After two decades of ministering to teens and youth ministers as a trainer, ministry mentor, and speaker in Catholic youth ministry, Tricia now serves as Campus Minister at USC Caruso Catholic Center. She loves adventure and seeks it everywhere she goes. As an avid foodie, she enjoys testing new recipes out on friends and family, gathering them around the table to encounter Christ in one another and be drawn to the satisfying unity we crave in the Eucharist.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Happy Solemnity of St. Jospeh

Happy Solemnity of St. Joseph, everyone. Now, on this special day, let us invoke his special aid and protection.

St. Joseph, patron of the Universal Church, of the dying, of workers and families, pray for us.

Chaplet of St. Joseph

1. St. Joseph, faithful cooperator in our redemption, have pity on poor humanity, still wrapped in so much error and so many evils. You were a docile instrument in the hands of the heavenly Father, in arranging everything for the birth and childhood of Jesus, for the preparation of the Victim, of the Priest, and of the Divine Master of the world. St. most docile to the will of God, obtain for us zeal for vocations and for their formation. For ourselves, we ask you for generous and constant correspondence to the precious gift of God’s call.

~St. Joseph, pray for us.

2. St. Joseph, model of every virtue, obtain for us your interior spirit. In loving and active silence, in the practice of all religious and civil laws, in docility to everything God willed, you arrived at a high degree of sanctity and heavenly glory. Obtain for us an increase of faith, hope and charity, an ample infusion of the cardinal virtues, an abundance of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

~St. Joseph, pray for us.

3. St. Joseph, we venerate you as the model of laborers, the friend of the poor, the consoler of the afflicted and those forced to leave their own land, the saint of Divine Providence. On earth you represented the universal goodness and concern of the heavenly Father. You were the carpenter of Nazareth and work- teacher to the Son of God, who became a humble laborer for us. Assist with your prayers all who labor in intellectual, moral and material work. For the nations obtain legislation inspired by the Gospel, the spirit of Christian charity, a way of governing in accord with justice and peace.

~St. Joseph, pray for us.

4. St. Joseph, foster father of Jesus, we bless the Lord for your intimate communication with him during his infancy and youth at Bethlehem, in Egypt, and at Nazareth. You loved him with a father’s love and he loved you with the love of a son. Your faith made you adore in him the incarnate Son of God, while he obeyed you, served you, listened to you. You held pleasant conversations with him, shared work, great sufferings and most tender consolations. Obtain for us the grace never to offend Jesus by sin. Pray for us that we may always receive the sacraments of the Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation fittingly, attain to a great intimacy with and a tender and strong love for Jesus while on earth, and possess him forever in heaven.

~St. Joseph, pray for us.

5. St. Joseph, pure spouse of Mary, we humbly ask you to obtain for us a true devotion to our tender Mother, Teacher, and Queen. By divine will, your mission was associated to Mary’s. With Mary you shared sufferings and joys; with her there was a holy rivalry in virtue, work and merits; union of mind and of heart. St. Joseph, pray for fathers and mothers. Obtain for us the grace to know the Blessed Virgin Mary, to imitate her, to love her, to pray to her always. Draw many souls to her maternal heart.
~St. Joseph, pray for us.

6. St. Joseph, protector of the dying, we supplicate you for all the dying, and beg your assistance in the hour of our own death. You merited a happy passing by a holy life, and in your last hours you had the ineffable consolation of being assisted by Jesus and Mary. Deliver us from sudden death; obtain for us the grace to imitate you in life, to detach our heart from everything worldly and daily gather treasures for the moment of our death. Obtain for us the grace to receive the sacraments of the sick well, and with Mary, inspire us with sentiments of faith, hope, love and sorrow for sins, so that we may breathe forth our soul in peace.

~St. Joseph, pray for us.

7. St. Joseph, protector of the universal Church, look kindly upon the Pope, the episcopate, the clergy, the religious and laity. Pray for the sanctification of all. The Church is the fruit of the blood of Jesus, your foster Son. We entrust to you our supplications for the extension, liberty and exaltation of the Church. Defend her from errors, from evil and from the powers of hell, as you once saved the threatened life of Jesus from the hands of Herod. May the desire of Jesus come true: “That there be one fold under one shepherd.”

~St. Joseph, pray for us.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

God Chips Away...

 “When we live a life of holiness, we allow God to chip away at our imperfections, until the work of art He created begins to shine through.”
                                             ~Remember Your Death-Memento Mori  (p.55)

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Seek, Ask, Knock...

“Lord, please give me exactly what I need today. All of that and nothing else.”

~Karen Schultz (Blessed is She)

The focus of today’s Gospel (Matthew 7: 7-12) is on seeking, asking and knocking. Our Lord tells us that if we seek we will find. If we knock, it will be opened to us, and if we ask, we will receive.  So why does it often seem like that is not the case? I seek and I don’t find, I ask and I don’t receive, I knock but it is not opened to me?  Maybe it’s because I don’t ask properly, or I ask for the wrong things.  Maybe I don’t even know what I should be looking or asking for?  I’m sure that many times it’s because I want God to give me whatever I want the way I want it, when I want it, but He, He has other plans for me, and they are a thousand times better than any plans I might have for myself.  I know this. He has said as much.  So why is it so hard for me to remember? What am I afraid of?  Why is it so hard to trust?

I think it’s because I’m afraid of what I might have to give up.  I want what I want and cling to a lesser good and passing satisfaction, rather than allow Him to give me what my heart truly desires.  All this dawned on me during my daily meditation and the reflection I received from Blessed is She writer Karen Schultz.  I’ve made her final quote my thought to carry with me throughout today and all of Lent (and beyond).  I’m quite certain I will forget and try to hold on to my will, but it is my intention to return to it always.  I may not truly know what I want or need, but God does. I will do my best to trust in Him.

“Lord, please give me exactly what I need today. All of that and nothing else.”

Tuesday, February 18, 2020


Compassion presupposes habitual kindly thoughts.