St. John's Adoration Chapel

St. John's Adoration Chapel
"Do Not Fear: I am with you. From here I will cast light Be sorry for sin."

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March 30, 2017 With Blessed Father Alberione

Thursday, March 30
Ex 32: 7-14
Jn 5: 31-47

The liturgy is practiced primarily with knowledge and, secondarily, with making it known. To understand and to make it known. The magazine <> has this purpose (APD 56, 629).

PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR DECEASED: Sr M. Bertilla Urbani FSP (1962)--Fr Vincenzo M. Urbani IJP (2000)--Sr Agnese Magarotto SGBP (2001)--Maria do Carmo Gomes Oliveira IAM (2005)--Fr Giueppe Ferrazzano IJP (2006)--Sr M. Leonia Diez FSP (2007)--Sr Costanza Bianciotto FSP (2010)--Fr Antonio Nigro IJP (2011)--Sr M. Teresa Gramaccia SGBP (2012)--Sr. M. Francesca La Perna PD (2015).

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

March 29, 2017 With Blessed Father Alberione

Wednesday, March 29
Is 49: 8-15
Jn 5: 17-30

Form, first of all, the Eucharistic soul. It is necessary for the Pious Disciple to be here. To spend the rest of her day with the Host. Jesus Christ is the solid cornerstone (APD 56, 490)

PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR DECEASED: Fr Michele Sarullo IJP (1993)--Sr Teresa Bianco FSP (1995)--Sr Guglielmina Oliboni FSP (1995)--Sr M. Cornelia De Toffoli PD (1996)--Egidio Pitzus HFI (1997)--Fr Felipe Gutierrez SSP (2004)--Sr Mansueta Chiesa FSP (2005)--Sr Luica Migliore FSP (2007)--Giuseppina Sanfilippo IAM (2009)--Giovanni Italiano HFI (2011)Sr Carla (Cleia)Ferrari FSP (2012)--Bro natale Luigi Corso SSP (2014)

March 28, 2017 With Blessed Father Alberione

Tuesday, March 28
Ez 47: 1-9, 12
Jn 5: 1-16

Be of one mind and heart; let there be the same language, same manner of speaking and may there be one manner of doing things. Yes, let love prevail (APD 56, 289).

PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR DECEASED: Michele Perillo HFI (1996)--Sr. M. Tarcisia Spadaro PD (2008)--Sr M. Emanuella Santini PD (2011)

Sunday, March 26, 2017

March 27, 2017 With Blessed Father Alberione

Monday, March 27
Is 65: 17-21
Jn 9: 43-54

The machines are pulpits, the halls are churches, the workers are preachers; here is the new and unusual way of looking at things (AE, p. 362)

PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR DECEASED: Sr M Fulgenzia Rapagnani PD (1979)—Fr Gino Grimaldi IJP (1983)—Sr M. Giuseppina Ambrosio PD (1989)—Sr M. Nazarena Andolfi PD (1994)—Sr M. Enrichetta Morabito PD (1998)—Sr GiacintaPescio FSP (1999)—Servo di Dio Fr. Bernardo Antonini IJP (2002)—Assunta Gramaglia HFI (2002)—Bro Giovanni Novarino SSP (2011)—Lillie Cusack (1994)

March 26, 2017 With Blessed Father Alberione

Sunday, March 26
1 Sm 16: 1, 6-7, 10-13
Eph 5: 8-14
Jn 9: 1-41

The apostle must learn from his model the art of “becoming all things to all men” and that flexibility of dealing with others, as can be ovserved in the Apostle (AE, 37).

PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR DECEASED: Sr M Aurelia Cristino PD (1964)—Bro Giuseppe Zemiti SSP (1975)—Sr M. Paolina Pivetta FSP (1990)—Fr Farraele Tonni SSP (1995)—Fr Adelmo Barbati SSP (1999)—Fr Aldo Ferraboschi IJP (2004)—Angelo Alessi AFI (2008)—Sr M Alicia Tarasek PD (2011)—Joe Carvalho Ferreira HFI (2011)—Sr M. Piera Pedercini FSP (2012)—Sr M. Stefanina Imparato PD (2012)

Friday, March 24, 2017

March 25, 2017 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Saturday, March 25
Is 7: 10-14; 8: 10
Heb 10:4-10
Lk 1: 26-38

Lord, be more merciful with me always. Keep your holy hand upon me, O Mary. Let your light, grace and blessing be always upon me (BM1, 229).

PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR DECEASED: Fr Guerrino Pelliccia SSP (1991)--Fr Antonio Giovinazzo IJP (1992)--Sr. M. FAustina Audisio PD (2003)--Anna Ferrari IAM (2011)--Sr M. Aurora Catillo FSP (2012)--Sr M. Fiorenza Fukuoka FSP (2012)--Giovanni Sanna HFI (2013)--Don Germano Fantechi GABRIELITE (2015)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

March 24, 2017 With Blessed Father Alberione

Friday, March 24
Hos 14: 2-10
Mk 12: 28-34

Beautiful is the heart of a religious person! It is no longer one's heart, a heart that is constricted, jealous, selfish, but rather the heart of Jesus! (FSP42, p 404).

PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR DECEASED: Venerable Sr M. Scolastica Rivata, prima Madre delle PD (1987)--Sr Teresinha Michels FSP (1993)--Sr Cesarina Rossi FSP (1995)--Fr Bernardo Zorzetto IJP (1996)--Antonia Farruggio IAM (1996)--Joh Albert Vincenzo HFI (2004)--Sr Gabriella Marcazzan FSP (2005)--Sr Ines Zuccherino FSP (2013)--Mary Kilbane HFI (2015)--Felicismo Quinto (2004)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 23, 2017 With Blessed Father Alberione

Thursday, March 23
Jer 7: 23-28
Lk 11: 14-23

Love of God is to think like God, it is doing His will and to desire it above all things (FSP41, p. 140).

PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR DECEASED: Sr Angelica Dondi FSP (1944)--Fr Lorenzo Bertero SSP (1991)--Fr Antonio Bosticco SSP (2000)--Fr Michele Gargano IJP (2002)--Sr M. Onorina Mussi FSP (2002)--Bro Antonio Piva SSP (2004)--Sr M. Scolastica Aoki PD (2004)--Sr Luigina Ferreri SGBP (2015)

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March 22, 2017 With Blessed Father Alberione

Wednesday, March 22
Dt 4: 1, 5-9
Mt 5: 17-19

To progress means to grow in charity, to acquire a way of thinking that progressively conforms to faith (FSP 40, p 83).

PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR DECEASED: Fr Armando Pesaresi IJP (1985)--Sr Elena Ramondetti FSP (1999)--Mons Achille Palmerini IJP (2000_--Giuseppe Izzi HFI (2006)--Sr M. Franca Riba PD (2007)--Sr Maria da Conceicao Azevedo FSP (2008)--Luciano Andreoni HFI (2008)--Antonietta Poddi HFI (2010)--Sr M. Nivea Maestro PD (2012)--Julia Schrader (1975).