St. John's Adoration Chapel

St. John's Adoration Chapel
"Do Not Fear: I am with you. From here I will cast light Be sorry for sin."

Friday, November 30, 2012

Feast of St. Andrew and Novena

Happy Feast of St. Andrew, everyone!know about the Novena that begins today and continues on through Christmas day, but I am posting it here in case someone needs it and wants to participate. We have so much to
 pray for.

Hail and blessed be the hour and moment
in which the Son of God was born of the most pure Virgin Mary,
at midnight, in Bethlehem, in piercing cold.
In that hour, vouchsafe, O my God!
to hear my prayer and grant my desires,
through the merits of Our Saviour Jesus Christ,
and of His Blessed Mother.


(It is piously believed that whoever recites the above prayer fifteen times a day
from the feast of St. Andrew, on November 30th, until Christmas will obtain what is asked.)

[Imprimatur: +MICHAEL AUGUSTINE, Archbishop of New York, New York, February 6, 1897.] (from:

You can learn more about St. Andrew and the Novena here:

and here:

God bless...

Papal Intentions December 2012

December is the month dedicated to the Immaculate Conception

Below are the Holy Father's intentions for the month.

December 2012

General Intention: That migrants throughout the world may be welcomed with generosity and authentic love, especially by Christian communities.

Missionary Intention: Christ, light for all humanity. That Christ may reveal himself to all humanity with the light that shines forth from Bethlehem and is reflected in the face of his Church.  (~EWTN)

December 1, 2012 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Saturday, December 1
First Saturday of the Month--Mary, Queen of Apostles
Rev. 22: 1-7
Lk 21: 34-36


That the word of God may inspire the search for the true common good and respect for the dignity of every person and help them to acknowledge the presence of God in all that is done to make the world more just and livable.

From Father Tom: The problem with today's world is not only lack of justice but lack of commons sense: women bearing children without every having seen the man who has donated his sperm.  In an April NEWSWEEK, the same individual is said to have "fathered" 1000 children!  God have mercy on us!

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Sr. Christine Rimmele FSP (1991)-- Sr. M. Raffaella Vernardini FSP (1992)-- Fr. Emilio Mammana SSP (1996)-- Fr. Ivo Marchi IJP (2001)-- Ray Hopponen (no year)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

November 30, 2012 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Friday, November 30
Rom. 10: 9-18
Mt. 4: 18-22

Blessed is he who sows everywhere what is true and good (BM 431).

From Father Tom:  Everywhere?  Perhaps not.  We, too, spread cockle among the wheat.  But, shall we say: "in most places and with most people." For that we thank God and ask His pardon for the rest.

Please Pray for Our Deceased:  Fr. Carlo Staurenghi IJP (1988)-- Bro Miguel Alfaro SSP (1996)-- Sr. M. Elvira Benedetti FSP (2003)-- Sr. Michael Sisko FSP (2007)-- Pasqualina Barone HFI (2010)-- Mike-- Fr. John Zieman OSB (no years given) 

Going to Heaven is Not Enough...

“…Living  in virtue and going to Heaven are not enough.  We have been charged with patiently, courageously, and skillfully preparing the whole world, especially our corner of it for the final coming of Christ.” 

(~ Ordinary Grace 18-34 by the Daughters of St. Paul)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Way to Go Hobby Lobby!

Ever since our family started crafting seriously, we've loved Hobby Lobby.  Now we have one more reason.   Follow the link below to read what that reason is, and if you love to craft or just enjoy finding and buying wonderful gifts, please consider throwing more business their way.

May God bless you all abundantly!

November, November 29, 2012 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Thursday, November 29
Rev. 18: 1-2, 21-23; 19: 1-3, 9
Lk 21: 20-28

The day of true glory will be the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (BM 68).

From Father Tom: True, but the important  day is the first one: when he comes to me personally. Let's get that one right and leave the Lord to worry about the other one!

Please Pray for Our Deceased:  Sr. Basilia Bianco FSP (1988)-- Bro Bernardo Gugole SSP (1995)-- Maria Dotti IAM (1996)-- Sr. M. Marcella Catani FSP (2000)-- Sr. M. Caterina Marcazzan FSP (2001)-- Bro Luciano Mechioro SSP (2004)-- Sr. M. Timotea Higashiseto FSP (2008)-- Bro Fernando Tommaselli SSP (2008)-- Sr. M. Bronislawa Suchora PD (2008)-- Sr. M. Angiolina Caramori FSP (2009)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 28, 2012 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Wednesday, November 28
Rev 15: 1-4
Lk 21: 12-19

Seeing God means true happiness, the only and perfect joy (BM 86).

From Father Tom: To "see" here means much more than just "sight."  It means actually being in Him, united in ecstatic joy and to everyone else.  St. Augustine says:  "There shall be just one Christ, loving Himself."

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Sr. M. Cormariae Brugiolo PD (1995)-- Sr. M. Valeria Bonucchi FSP (1998)-- F.r Dario Ansaloni IJP (1999)-- Attilio Pauluzzi HFI (2005)

Monday, November 26, 2012

November 27, 2012 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Tuesday, November 27
Rev. 14: 14-19
Lk 21: 5-11

The universal judgment will be the great day of the Lord, everything will be known and the wisdom of God in governing the world will appear (BM 68).

From Father Tom: "Everything will be known..." So, if we can't change the past, let's make the future something we want people to  hear!

Please Pray for Our Deceased:  Bro Bartolomeo Borgna SSP (1973)-- Sr. M. Raffaella Montanari PD (1974)-- Fr. Maggiorino Povero SSP (1981)-- Sr. M. Cristina Panarello PD (1988)-- Salvatore Orru HFI (1988)-- Sr. M. Jose' Garcia SGBP (1997)-- Sr. Annunziatina Del Bianco FSP (2000)-- Liborio Bartolotta HFI (2000)-- Fr. Giovanni Battista Manfredi SSP (2004)-- Bro Augustin Kalpakacherry SSP (2005)-- Bro Paolo Zantedeschi SSP (2006)--Robert Converse (1998)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 26, 2012 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Monday, November 26
Rev 14: 1-5
Lk 21: 1-4

The spoken word more easily attracts our attention and appeals to our intelligence but the written word is more thoughtful, and more easily remembered (VMC 1224).

From Father Tom: And let us repeat for the hundredth time: every form of religious communication requires prayer.  The applause, the fame of the communicator, the number of will these look in eternity?

Please Pray for Our Deceased:  Bro Alfonso Bau' SSP (1973)-- Maria ARena IAM (1977)-- Antonio Marchi HFI  (1995)--Rosa Angelico IAM (2002)-- Betty Rice IAM (2004)-- Giuseppina Ferrara IAM (2008) Gertrude Graff (1996)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

November 25, 2012 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Sunday, November 25
Dn 7: 13-14
Rv 5: 1-8
Jn 18: 33-37

Jesus was a victim of the truth, as His followers were and so also the martyrs of all times from the first martyrs to those of today (RSP p. 115).

FROM FATHER TOM: We might not call ourselves "victims" but the fact is that to live a good life in our day requires the ability to resist popular trends in family life and sometimes in our parish church.

Please Pray for Our Deceased:  Sr. M. Crescentina Miatello PD (1974)-- Sr. M. Benigna Bonfiglio PD (1994)-- Rita Costamagna HFI (1999)-- Sr. M. Celina Bucello PD (2004)--  Sr. Santina M. Agular Rerreira FSP (2005)-- SR. Elisabetta Tiberii FSP (2005)

Friday, November 23, 2012

November 24, 2012 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Saturday, November 24
ST. ANDREW DUNG-LAC, Priest & Companions
Rev 11: 4-12
Lk 20:27-40

O priest-writer, the fruits of your work depend more on the time you spend on your knees than on the time you spend writing, depend more on you Mass than on you technical skill, depend more on your exam of conscience than on your learing! (VMC 1207).

From Father Tom: And this applies to us also. We are, perhaps, not writers or speakers but we are and must be apostles: filled with the love of God and sharing it by everything we do.

Please Pray for Our Deceased:  Sr. M. Tarcisia Genovesi PD (1936)-- Sr. Carla Torchi FSP (1995)-- Sr. M. Maurizia Masseria PD (2003)-- Sr. Giovanna Biselli FSP (2006)-- Sr. M. Rosalba Nota (2010)-- Eleanor McParland (1990)

November 23, 2012 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Friday, November 23
St. Clement I, Pope, Martyr
St. Columban, Abbott
Bl. Miguel Pro, Priest, Martyr
Rev 10: 8-11
Lk 19: 45-48

Not only give the book, but accompany it with prayer so that the readers may learn from it and put their learning into practice (VMC 1139)..

From Father Tom: This thought is not new and yet the Founder never tired of repeating it.  The Pauline Family began with 4 hours of prayer and it can be effective only if all the members give it all the prayer time they can afford. Just reaching people is not enough.

Please Pray for Our Deceased:  Fr. Giuseppe Rongoni (1985)-- Emilia Monaldi HFI (2005)-- Fr. Rosario Esposito SSP (2007)-- Sr. Marina De Matos Silveira FSP (2010).

Thursday, November 22, 2012

November 22, 2012 With Blessed Father Alberione

Thursday, November 22
ST. CECILIA, Virgin, Martyr
Rev 5: 1-10
Lk 19: 41-44

Jerusalem was deaf to the loving invitations of Jesus.  Some have ears, but do not hear.  Some can talk, but do not pray (BM 630/631).

From Father Tom: This odes not seem to require comment but I always say: action!

Please Pray for Our Deceased:  Sr. Teresa Raballo FSP FSP (1980)-- Getulio Rosaverde HFI (1984)-- Sr. Emanuela Ferrari SGBP (1993)-- Sr. M. Cecily Nirappel PD (2003)-- Sr. Santina Bettega SGBP (2008)-- Concetta Milazzo HFI (2008)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 21, 2012 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Wednesday, November 21
Rev 4: 1-11
Lk 19: 11-28

In the temple, Mary surpassed the angels in love and sanctity (BM 361).

From Father Tom: In fact we see Our Lady as being superior in holiness to the angels and all the holy people that have existed or will exist.  So our trust in her power must be absolute.

Please Pray for Our Deceased:  The names were a little confused in the booklet with names and dates all topsy turvy, so I just ask you to please pray for our deceased priests, brothers, sisters, clerics, HFI, Gabriellites, Annunciationists, Cooperators, and family and friends who died on this day.

Monday, November 19, 2012

November 20, 2012 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Tuesday, November 20
Rev. 3: 1-6, 14-22
Lk. 19: 1=10

Evil people take no rest and during the night their machines vomit millions of publication promoting error and immorality (VMC 1143).

From Father Tom: And our response is to "vomit" good publications?  If it were only that simple!  But the "good" publications need to be read and followed and only prayer can accomplish that!  Let's neither count our "results" or be saddened if we appear to have none.

Please Pray For Our Deceased:  Sr. Bartolomea Vivian FSP (1984)-- Fr. Felice Bonicco SSP (1985)-- Fr. Alberto Desiati IJP (1991)-- Sr. M. Aparecida Ziglio FSP (2005)-- Fr. Sergio Bruno IJP (2006)-- Sr. Bernardetta Aprea FSP (2009)-- Sr. Giuseppina Manger SGBP (2010)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

November 19, 2012 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Monday, November 19
Rev. 1: 1-5, 2: 1-5
Lk 18: 35-43

Distributing books and periodicals (we can add the other media) is not effective if it does not bring souls to Confession and the Eucharist.  We should remain united to Jesus and aim at this goal (VMC 1135).

From Father Tom: Quite a challenge!  But all we can do is to do our best technically and add the power of a Spirit-filled life.  Better, anyway, that on earth we continue to work very much in the dark.

Please Pray for Our Deceased:  Sr. Vincenza Vassena FSP (1987)-- Sr. M. Giuseppina Corern FSP (1997)-- Sr. Cecilia Leonardi FSP (2000)-- Serfin Castilio Beltran HFI (2000) Sr. M. Amabile Girlanda PD (2002)-- Paulino Albano (1984)-- Marilyn Fortuna (1972)-- Andrew L. Boado (no year)

November 17-18, 2012 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Sunday, November 18
Dn 12: 1-3
Heb 10: 11-14
Mk 13: 24-32

At the judgement the Lord will manifest all the good and all the bad of each one.  The virtues of the humble and of those who have served the Lord well will become known ( BM 70).

From Father Tom:  The General Judgement--a profound mystery if we thin of the truly enormous numbers and the promise to reveal all the life of each one.  All we can do is prepare for a good showing on that awesome occasion.

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Sr. M. Paolina De Luca PD (1965)-- Sr. M. Claudia Gioda PD (1985)-- Fr. Sergio Gallera SSP (1998)-- Francesco Ugenti HFI (1998)-- Natalia Loera (2008)


Saturday, November 17
3 Jn 5-8
Lk 18: 1-8

Let prayer come before everything else, and above all let it be the life of everything (SP Aug 20, 1937).

From Father Tom:  Both parts of this piece of advice are important.  Before?  Hopefully, but the schedule for Religious is normally less stressful than the schedule for Institute people.  The life of everything?  Yes.  Those constant invocations or even a few moments to offer our day to God are essential and are possible for everyone. Only one life per person.  Let's spend it well!

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Fr. Felice Stevezzoli SSP (1930)-- Sr. M. Antonia Tommastello PD (1995)-- Sr. M. Fidelis Suaybagulo FSP (1999)-- Sr. Angiolina Giacca (Giacaz) FSP (2005)-- Sr. M. Concetta Messina PD (2008)-- Fr. Giuseppe Soro (2009)-- Fr. Peter Lenehan (1991)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

November 16, 2012 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Friday, November 16
St. Margaret of Scotland
St. Gertrude, Virgin
2 Jn 1: 3-9
Lk 17: 26-37

There are men who have no willpower.  They are barely alive, are indifferent as far as eternity is concerned and think only of the good at hand(BM 107).

From Father Tom: Let's console the Master for these unfortunate brothers and sisters of ours--far more numerous now than when these lines were written: their sin is partly due to human weakness; our acts of reparation are the fruit of a strong will.

Please Pray for Our Deceased:  Sr. Metilde Betocchi PD (1956)-- Sr. Bice Riva FSP (1988)-- Fr. Giuseppe Fossato SSP (1991)-- Sr. M. Timotea Garcia FSP (1995)-- Sr. M. Emilia Molasch FSP (1996)-- Fr. Vincenzo Afeltra IJP (1997)-- Francesco Badellino HFI (2005)-- Fr. Wilfried Paschen IJP (2006)-- Chuck Foghty (2005)-- Henry Palmer (2011)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 15, 2012 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Thursday, November 15
St. Albert the Great, Bishop
Philm 7-20
Lk 17: 20-25

Try to ascertain the state of soul of the person you are dealing with. Someone who is sick does not alwyas know what real sickness is.  You have to be a doctor of souls (VMC 1181).

From Father Tom: The quote is a continuation of the one for November 13--bookstore personnel are in a specially favored position, but they have to pray every morning for the grace to meet each person as someone sent by God.  No easy task!

Please Pray For Our Deceased: Sr. M. Tecla Tomiko FSP (2005)-- Sr. Romilde Barbarti FSP (2008)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 14, 2012 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Wednesday, November 14
Ti 3: 1-7
Lk 17: 11-19

Gratitude is an act of humility.  It recognizes that what it has does not belong to it (BM 639).

From Father Tom: But ... come to think of it...does ANYTHING we have belong to us?  What did St. Paul say:  "Tell me something you have which you have NOT received."  Was he right?  Well...almost.  He should have said: "your sins are yours; nothing else."

Please Pray for Our Deceased:  Sr. M. Nazarena Ricciardi PD (1945)-- Fr. Generoso Crisci IJP (1997)-- Sr. Antonia Cerri FSP (2000)--Jose' Nieto Rodriguez HFI (2005)-- Sr. M. Franca Fanelli PD (2007)-- Juan Mendez Albornoz HFI (2007)-- Sr. Jacyra M. Izabel da Silva SGBP (2009)-- Sr. M. Immaculata Isnardi FSP (2010)

Monday, November 12, 2012

November 13, 2012 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Tuesday, November 13
Ti 2: 1-8, 11-14
Lk 17: 7-10

Paulines working in our bookstores should see those who come in not as clients or customers, but as people in search of assistance.  So we consider their spiritual needs and approach them with a supernatural spirit (VMC 1181).

From Father Tom:  This is so true!  Nobody goes to a religious bookstore without a spiritual motivation and even if the motivation is very ordinary e.g. choosing a gift, this encounter can be turned into a moment of advice and orientation.

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Sr. Virginia Cantarutti FSP (1934)-- Msgr Giovanni Rizzo IJP (1980)-- Sr. Gennarina Dalla Nora FSP (1983)-- Ubaldo Pasqualini HFI (2010)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

November 12, 2012 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Monday, November 12
ST. JOSAPHAT, Bishop, Martyr
Ti  1: 1-9
Lk 17: 1-6

The holy Host is the food of all the faithful.  And the word of God is the food of everyone(VMC 1173).

From Father Tom:  The first work of the priest is...?  Many less-enlightened would say: "to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice."  Not so.  If the priest does not first preach the Word--understood in the sense of general catechesis--then nobody knows what the Mass or other Sacraments are. Pauline work is basic, not secondary.

Please Pray for Our Deceased:  Sr. M. Innocenza Morando PD (1941)-- Sr. M. Zita Lombardo PD (2001)-- Fr. Aldo Galliano SSP (2003)--Sr. M. Carmels Biolchini FSP (2004)-- Sr. M. Gemma Viberti PD (2010)--Fr. Joseph F. Schax SJ (2002)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

November 11, 2012 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Sunday, November 11
1 Kgs 17: 10-18
Heb 9: 24-28
Mk 12: 38-44

The humble person hopes in God, not in himself and his hope becomes strong and active (BM 231).

From Father Tom: True. but "hope" is not enough. We must have activity.  We cannot present ourselves before the Lord saying:  "There was nothing I could do.  I knew I'd fail," and hear him saying: "And did I not fail?  I lost everything including my life.  Why did you not at least TRY?  What a frightening judgment!

Please Pray for Our Deceased:   Fr. Luke Rocca SSP (1983)-- Fr. Arcadio Huerta SSP (1970)-- Sr. M. Grazia Ozenda FSP (1980)-- Fr. Quinto Cesanelli SSP (1986)-- Fr. Gian Pietro Scaglioni SSP (2006)-- Leonardo Messina HFI (2007)-- Cll. Marcos Aurelio Gomes SSP (2008)-- Sr. M. Lucina Vacchiano PD (2010)-- Edward Tulley (2002)

Friday, November 9, 2012

November 10, 2012 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Saturday, November 10
ST. LEO THE GREAT, Pope, Doctor
Phil 4: 10-19
Lk 16: 9-15

"In vain would we call ourselves Christians if we did not conform ourselves to Jesus Christ" (St. Leo the Great).

From Father Tom: Examination: What do other people call me?  What do I call myself?  What is my view of the Institute and my place in it?  What effect has it had on my life and on the lives of others?  What more could I do to merit the name "Christian"?

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Sr. M. Nunziatina Miceli PD (1979)-- Pierfracesco Bossetti HFI (1985)-- Sr. M. Ludovica Pilotti PD (1988)--- Olivia Herrera HFI (1995)-- Sr. Costanz Gandolofo FSP (1998)-- Sr. M. Cordis Drudi PD (2008)-- Sr. M. Antonietta Audisio FSP (2010)-- Oscar Prieto Pisoni HFI (2010)--Faustino O. Villanueva (1983)-- Martha Miller HFI (2002)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

November 9, 2012 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Friday, November 9
Ez 47: 1-2, 9-12
Jn 2: 13-22

The most beautiful ornaments of a church are the holy persons in it, who remain there with great love and show it in their prayers and sacred songs (RSP 523).

From Father Tom: Blessed Alberione was certainly no sacred singer...but in terms of prayer he must hold the record in the history of the Church.  This was surely a unique grace, but the rest of us can try to spend some time there.  Or in prayer in our homes.  All that TV viewing will not go with us usefully into eternity.

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Sr. Egidia Marengo FSP (1968)-- Renata Tosoni IAM (1996)-- Rosaria Giannecchini FSP (1998)-- Fr. Eleazar Jimenez SSP (1999)-- Fr. Joseph Parella SSP (2009)-- Nancy Carmichael (2005)-- Elizabeth Martinez Bujol (1954)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November 8, 2012 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Thursday, November 8
Phil 3: 3-8
Lk 15: 1-10

The reconciliation of a sinner is a victory of the mercy of Jesus Christ (BM 463).

From Father Tom: And how many of those we never hear of!  Are we in fact not all former sinners, now not merely reconciled but availing of the Institute to repair for the past and prepare for a wonderful future.

Please Pray for Our Deceased:  Bro. Matthew Kottor SSP (2001)-- Sr. M. Agnesina Stoto PD (2002)-- Sr.  Luigia M. Cozza FSP (2008)-- Maria Pia Saraceno HFI (2010)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 7, 2012 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Wednesday, November 7
First Wednesday of the month--St. Joseph
Phil 2: 12-18
Lk 14: 25-33

The true disciple of Jesus renounces everything or at least detaches his heart from everything. The false disciple seeks himself, loves an easy life, honors, pleasures, riches (BM 536).

From Father Tom: "Detachment"...great to talk or write about but sometimes we have developed certain tastes or habits and the idea of renouncing is devastating. Can we?  Well, let's begin...abd lets begin again, and again, and again...And let's PRAY!

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Sr. Vincenza Ferreri SGBP (1989)-- Sr. Fulgida Sandrini FSP (1993)-- Sr. Rita Dos Santos SGBP (1995)--Ramon MIguel Maturana HFI (1995)-- Sr. Miriam Guidi FSP (2002)--Sr. M. Consolota Di Ruvo PD (2003)--Fr. Aldo Poggi SSP (2004)-- Sr. M. Rosalia Rotolo PD (2005)-- Stella Ruiz (2003)

November 6, 2012 With Blessed James Alberione and With Father Tom

Tuesday, November 6
Election Day in the United States: Please Vote
First Tuesday of the month--the Souls in Purgatory

Philippians 2:12-18
Luke 14:25-33

We lose time when we don't work for heaven, but only for the present: honors, earthly profits (BM 41).

From Father Tom:  Applies also to what we call "apostolate".  It is NOT necessary to be known or praised or admired for our "great work."  The greatest work...has to be left behind at death.  So what about not wasting any more time?

Please Pray for our Deceased: Rosaria Russo HFI (1994)--Bro Aurelio Garcia SSP (1999)-- Sr. M. Januacoeli Presti PD (2004)-- Sr. Giuseppina Franci SGBP (2008)-- Sr. M. Annunziata Spada FSP (2009)-- Anna A. Burnieika (1996)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

For the Suffering Souls in Purgatory

During the month of November, please pray for the souls in Purgatory in a special way.  Here's one of many prayers you might consider saying.

God bless...

An Heroic Act of Love

My God, for Your greater glory, in union with Jesus and Mary, I offer and surrender the satisfactory value of all the good I will do and all the suffrages I will receive after my death for the holy souls in Purgatory.  Dispose of everything according to Your Divine Will.  Amen

November 5, 2012 With Blessed Father Alberione and With FatherTom

Monday, November 5
First Monday of the Month--St. Paul
Phil 2: 1-4
Lk 14: 12-14

Perfect charity is supernatural (sees Christ in our neighbor), is universal (makes no distinctions between people, generous (without limits), and active (shows itself through deeds).

From Father Tom:'s that for an examination of conscience?!  I'm going to turn the page quickly and see is there something less onerous tomorrow!

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Fr. Giovenale Pistone SSP (1979)-- Sr. Lucia Capra FSP (1985)-- Sr. Luisa Toninello FSP (2007)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

November 4, 2012 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Sunday, November 4
First Sunday of the month--the Divine Master, Way, Truth and Life
Dt 6: 2-6
Heb 7: 23-28
Mk 12: 28-34

The priest is the mediator between heaven and earth: to heaven he presents the needs of humanity, from heaven he obtains graces and mercies (BM 486).

From Father Tom: Perhaps we priests don't think enough of our role in God's plan and spend too much time worrying about our problems instead of making people's problems our own and asking God to help those we pray for.

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Sr. M. Leandra Pianezzola PD (1969)-- Sr. M. Ilaria Formento PD (1973)-- Fr. Angelo Omarini SSP (1995)--Sr. Giovanna Vaschetto FSP (1996)-- Fr. Giacomo Yu  SSP (2004)--Luigia Meo HFI (2006)-- Sr. M. Assunta Carducci FSP (2007)-- Sr. M. Leonina Dogliani PD (2007)-- LouisA. Pizzi (1997)

3-Day Silent Prayer Vigil for the Elections & Our Country

Friday, November 2, 2012

November 3, 2012 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Saturday, November 3
St. Martin de Porres, Religious
First Saturday of the month--Mary, Queen of Apostles
Phil 1: 18-26
Lk 14: 1-7, 11

Pride is ignorance, humility is wisdom. When something irritate his self-love, the proud person cannot understand it, be it ever so simple (BM p 644).

From Father Tom: Perhaps our Founder means:  "he doesn't want to understand it." None so blind as those who refuse to see.  And are we not all in need of the divine Oculist?  Do I see things now as I did ten years ago? Am I still blind in one eye..."

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Sr. M. Chiara Slaltarin PD (1993)-- Sr. M. Alessandra Kim PD (2003)-- Adrenaline Mendiola (2005)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 2, 2012 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Friday, November 2
First Friday of the month--the Sacred Heart

3 Masses.  Readings at the choice of the Celebrant.

As Jesus Christ died and rose again, so it will be for each of us (BM p. 65).

From Father Tom: The problem is to remember this central fact. We know it, but (in  sense) don't believe it!  There is a difference between the 2 situations. When we believe something our lives change.  When we know...

Please Pray for Our Deceased:  Fr. Di Giovannantonio SSP (1985)-- Sr. Lorenzina Franco SGBP (1995)-- Mr. Brem-- Corinne Smith-- Mike (no years given)