St. John's Adoration Chapel

St. John's Adoration Chapel
"Do Not Fear: I am with you. From here I will cast light Be sorry for sin."

Sunday, August 31, 2014

September 1, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Monday, September 1
St Paul Mass for the Sanctification of Human Labor
1 Cor 2: 1-5
Ps 119: 97-102
Lk 4: 16-30
Lk 4: 16-30

INTENTION OF THE MONTH: "Everywhere the vocation problem is the most urgent and the most difficult" (SP Aug-Sep 1949). During this month let us pray for our brothers and sisters of the Pauline Family in Portugal, Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Romania.

From Father Tom: The Founder in this quote is surely not saying anything new and; if he were alive today, he would be even more emphatic. Why are there no vocations? In fact, there agree in the occasional Religious group or Diocese where the Religious vocation or the priesthood vocation if fully lived.

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Sr. M. Zefirina Baldi FSP (1947)--Sr. Cecilia Campagna FSP (1963)--Sr. M. Rital Simaz PD (1980)--Sr. M. Luigina Salva FSP (1992)--Sr. M. Daniela Vezzulli FSP (1997)--Sr. M. Adalgisa Tavella PD (2003)---Ninfa Viconti HFI (2008)--Sr. Agostiniha Boff FSP (2010)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

August 31, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Sunday, August 31
Jer 20:7-9
Ps 63: 2-9
Rom 12: 1-2
Mt 16: 21-27

Here is a half-blind man who is being guided; and as he advances, from time to time he is given light so that he may always advance: God is light (AD 202).

From Father Tom: This sentence occurs towards the end of a collection of reflections in the short series of notes here hoted as "AD" and in the original Latin "Abudantes Divitiae Gratiae Suae"--the abundant riches of His grace." This slight but extremely important piece of writing outlines the principles and practices involved with the beginning of the Pauline Family and its future (Eph. 2, 7). The reference here is 2-fold: his personal defective eyesight and the difficulty of discerning the will of God as we go through life.

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Guglielmo Stracciati HFI (1986)--Sr. Melania Lovato FSP (2002)--Sr. Concetta Anzalone SGBP (2005)--Sr Giuseppina Ciolla FSP (2011)

Friday, August 29, 2014

August 30, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Saturday, August 30
1 Col 1: 26-31
Ps 33: 12-21
Mt 25: 14-30

If the Holy Spirit enlightens us, and insofar as it is up to us, we shall prefer humiliation to praise, poverty to wealth, oblivion to exaltation, suffering to consolations and health. To consider ourselves last; not to expect thanks (UPS III, 58).

From Father Tom: Interesting and challenging suggestion: we will not goo out of our way to seek the situation listed--that might lead to taking pride in our humility and the other situations listed! What we will do is accept the promptings of the Spirit in these instances and allow them to purify and bless us and all we do.

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Sr. M. Theresita Herrero PD (1949)--Sr. M. Eufrosina Nicolo' PD (1971)--Fr. Mirco (2005)--Bro Francesco Chessa SSP (2007)--Vittorio Santini HFI (2008)--Helen Mosebarger (1996)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

August 29, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Friday, August 29
1 Cor 1: 17-25
Ps 33: 1-11
Mk 6: 17-29

Divine works are like a pyramid that has its top at the bottom (that is, the human means) and its base that is, God) at the top. With nothing human, it is God who works and produces the wonders of His wisdom and power: and that because man has put himself in his right place "of myself I can do nothing, with God I can do all;" in humility and faith one has worked and prayed, prayed and worked (SP Sep-Oct 1953).

From Father Tom: The Founder here quotes an example of God's work and ours which is represented by an inverted pyramid: when things go well, we are at the point of the pyramid where nothing much can happen, while the base is in this case at the top where God acts freely and powerfully. The old Pauline phrase expresses it well: by myself I can do nothing; with God I can do everything.

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Sr. M. Thomasina Morelli PD (1989)--Sr. Bianca Giordano FSP (2000)--Fr. Stefano Cane SSP (2000)--Sr. M. Antonietta Marazza FSP (2001)--Bro Manuel Regueiro SSP (2004)--Sr. Luiza Sonego FSP (2011)--Richard Halcomb (2011)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August 27, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Thursday, August 28
1 Cor 1: 1-9
Ps 145: 2-7
Mt 24: 42-51

We have observed in several cases a heroism in constructing from nothing good buildings, a well organized aostolate, sufficient studies, an organized apostolate, sufficient studies, an integral religious-Pauline formation. We go forward with wisdom when we establish the economy upon the apostolate (SP May-Jun 1952).

From Father Tom: Here we have the same thought: some pioneers in various lands were truly sons of the Founder. Yet we have to admit that there is always the danger of falling off from the high standards he set and all the more in the truly evil world we live in. Each of us must feel responsible for the present and the future.

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Sr. M. Consilia Fusaro PD (1955)--Raimondo Martinet HFI (2005)--Fr. Emilio Cordero SSP (2010)--Goffreda Ferri HFI (2010)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 27, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Wednesday, August 27
2 Thes 3: 6-18
Ps 128: 1-5
Mt 23: 27-32

The Lord sows on the path of little men consolations: among them that of seeing again the brothers and not yet met after their departure from Italy and finding them with so much affection for their mission and for our Congregation (SP Jul 1949)

From Father Tom: This time we have an older Founder, remembering how the various pioneer went courageously to lands where they had to learn everything and not just the language. We who inherit the results of their efforts must build on that hard work and many humiliations and must pray for those Houses and communities where something of the original spirit seems to have been lost.

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Sr. M Giulia Salzotto PD (1979)--Fr. Pasquale Spadone IJP (1992)--Fr. Fancisco Bianco SSP (2004)--Sr. Maria Stella Lipparoni SBGP (2010)--Sr. Maria Alba Matagawa FSP (2010)--Sr. M. Samuela D'Addario PD (2011)

Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Tuesday, August 26
2 Thes 2: 1-2, 14-17
Ps 96: 10-13
Mt 23: 22-23-26

Changing continents, finding oneself on land, at sea, on the air: encountering new races, other civilizations, different languages, but always the same Mother, always the heart of children, always the same devotion: how consoling! To Mary everything, from Mary everything, with Mary everything (SP Jun 1949).

From Father Tom: In 1957 on the occasion of his Golden Jubilee, the Founder in different writings asked himself a question in various ways: all that has been accomplished is it truly apostolic and just as important; does it enable those involved in it to aim at high holiness? It remains for each of us to answer the question personally, but as a general rule we can say that for many members the answer is "yes."

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Sr. Beatrice Almici FSP (2000)--Carmela La Rocca HFI (2008)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 25, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Monday, August 25
2 Thes 1: 1-5, 11-12
Ps 96: 1-5
Mt 23: 13-22

I must say that for four years Fr. Tito Armani and Fr. Desiderio Costa, who were soon joined by Fr. domenico Amvrosio and by Fr. Paolo Marcellino, were the most generous and intelligent in the Pauline life. Truly the Holy Spirit worked in their souls. Those were the years when only faith and love for God sustained those first sons of Saint Paul (AD 215).

From Father Tom: The Founder here lauds some of the very early young helpers. Fr. Tito was Superior in my Novitiate after spending many years in Argentina. Fr. Costa was the Founder of the Pauline house in Spain--I met him briefly one day when he was gassing  his car. I also met Fr. Marcellino briefly--he was the Founder in Japan and Korea

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Sr. M. Gracia Oliva PD (1961)--Sr. M. Grazia Bicego SGBP (1983)--Sr. M. Feliciana Oberto PD (1987)--Sr. M. Roberta Gambadoro FSP (2006)--Sr. Gilde Micheletti FSP (2009)--Filippo Romano HFI (2010)--Fr. Stafano Bacchitta IJP (2011)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

August 24, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Sunday, August 24
Is 22: 19-23'
Ps 138: 1-8
Rom 11: 33-36
Mt 16: 13-20

I always remember those brothers who bore the first and most heavy burdens, with understanding much superior to their age. Their simple and secure faith, that let them (to) rest in the hands of God, their love for God, for souls and their deep desire for sanctity, opened the way for so many vocations (AD 220). 

From Father Tom: The Founder is here a little more relaxed as he recalls the young people who entrusted themselves to his care in the very early days. They were not without other options. A big Salesian House in Turin would have welcomed them (and in fact one of them went to school there for some time.).

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Cleric Livio Razzini SSP (1934)--Sr. M. Giovanna Salsi FSP (1944)--Bro Bruno Tognon SSP (1989)--Sr. Alberta Eudizi FSP (1993)--Sr. M. Giulia Toschi FSP (1999)--Sr. M. Agnese Carozzo FSP (2003)--Sr. M. Imelda Cattapan PD (2009)--Sr. Maria Rosa Ballini FSP (2010)--Teofila Burnieika (1977)

Friday, August 22, 2014

August 23, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Saturday, August 23
Ez 43: 1-7
Ps 85: 9-14
Mt 23: 1-12

It is good to have trust in the Lord: that trust will never be disappointed! But it must be based on very sincere humility and mistrust of ourselves. I know that you are good for nothing; but I would not like that you believed yourselves to be good for something: this I would fear, and fear, and will fear (Letter to the first Pauline missionaries leaving for Brazil, 4 August 1931)

From Father Tom: More basic advice from the Founder to the first missionaries to Brazil. The language is not very comforting but neither was the task they set themselves. When I was in Alba I met then Superior, Fr. Trosso, who had been like all other young men drafted into the Italian Army in 1918 and became or could have become an Officer in the Forces, but renounced this in favor of serving the Master in the SSP. He was in that group the Founder is writing to.

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Sr. M. Furnari PD (1954)--Sr. M. Spiritina Marzullo PD PD (1987)--Sr. M. Carola Toniutti FSP (1995)--Fr. Bruno Gialletti SSP (1997)--Sr. M. Fausta Pasini FSP (2006)-Sr. M. Matelda Zuin PD (2009)--Fr. Valeriano Mario Giachino SSP (2011)--Sr. M. Letizia Ellena FSP (2011)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

August 22, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Friday, August 22
Ez 37: 1-14
Ps 107: 2-9
Mt 22: 34-40

You will go to sow the Divine Word through the press: give it with the same heart that Jesus the Master had when he preached; with the ardor that animated Saint Paul in disseminating it; with the grace  and humility for which the Madonna became the Mother of the Incarnate Word (Letter to the first Pauline missionaries leaving for Brazil, 4 August 1931).

From Father Tom: These early pioneers were just the first in a long and fruitful line of Brazilian vocations. Even today, we have a parish bulletin with several million copies weekly, a whole Pauline Village" with Priests, Brothers and Sisters who come together to raise their united voices on the great Pauline Feasts; and in February I received an email listing new Perpetually Professed priesthood candidates. Praise the Lord!

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Sr. Anania Gilardi FSP (1987)--Sr. Renata Innocenza Bertolusso FSP (2010)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August 21, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Thursday, August 21
Ez 36: 23-28
Ps 51: 12-19
Mt 22: 1-14

Blessed be the Lord, who here (in Alba) has done what was in His plans of wisdom and love! From the Pauline houses scattered in so many nations, our brothers and sisters in spirit have turned to this house that has been a true mother, and will always remain as the Motherhouse (Carissimi in San Paolo, p. 211).

From Father Tom: One Motherhouse is in Alba, a small town (then) about 40 miles from Turin. The word "alba" in Latin refers to the dawn and surely it applies very much to this sacred spot so significant in the lives of those who studied Philosophy there as I did (mostly in the infirmary); if it had not been for the Founder who was anxious to have even defective Paulines in Ireland, I would not be writing these lines today. Deo gratias! Et Mariae.

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Sr. Angiolina Moscardo FSP (1962)--Sr. M. Dionisia Bertero PD (1978)--Bro Bernardo Aguilar SSP (1994)--Sr. Beniamina Pattaro FSP (1995)--Sr. Ausilia Aimasso FSP (2009)--Fr. Carmelo Panebianco SSP (2010)--Fr. Eliseo Mariano Sgarbossa SSP (2011)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 20, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Wednesday, August 20
Ez 34: 1-11
Ps 23: 1-6
Mt 20: 1-16

On 20 August 1914, with an hour of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament and the blessing of the small printing press, the Pauline Family started under the title "Typographical School of the Little Worker." The preparation had been long, waiting so that in the light of God everything might become clear and become concrete, and divine Providence would set out the means (SP Jul-Aug 1954)

From Father Tom: One would think that this key date would be celebrated every year with songs of thankfulness and praise. Actually, at least when I was a seminarian, most of the members in Rome had not yet returned from vacation so the celebration in that context was low-key. Perhaps we had all grown a bit too sure of ourselves: Famiglia Christiana with its 1,700,000 copies, 100+ seminarians in our International College, vast numbers of young candidates, an endless stream of new books, etc. It was easy to think that there is nowhere to go but up. But there was and we can learn a lesson from those times.

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Msgr. Nicola Riezzo IJP (1998)--Fr. Giuseppe Gori SSP (2006)--Fr. Lorenzo Viberti SSP (2006)--Fr. Joao Guido Dos Santos SSP (2008)--Epeginia Jamais (1976)--Joseph Russell (1992)

Monday, August 18, 2014

August 19, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Tuesday, August 19
Ez 28: 1-10
(Ps) Dt 32: 26-35
Mt 19: 23-30

The house and the work that is started in humility, faith and prudence is like a mustard grain, least among seeds, which sprouts and develops until it becomes a big tree that covers itself with leaves, flowers and fruits that are beautiful, abundant and durable (SP Sep-Oct 1953).

From Father Tom: Without wishing to quote myself (sez he, quoting himself!) you might recall the truly brutal goof I made at the beginning of our publishing work in Ireland which I recounted in gory detail in the March WHAT'S? That was a dreadful moment in my life with the justifiably irate Brothers printing reluctantly, my desperate attempts to cover up and the superior smiling, as the Italians put it, "behind his mustache." But in the end my (unintelligent)obedience of the Founder produced results. May all of us all the time take the right road when it divides.

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Fr. Nevio Picco SSP (1998)--Sr. M. Pia Di Dio FSP (2003)--Vermigliana Rossini HFI (2003)--Sr. Angela Costanatin SGBP (2008)--Ilva Cieri HFI (2008)--Sr. M. Liliana Ventresca FSP (2010)--Pius Lentini IAM (2011)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

August 18, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Monday, August 18
Ez 24: 15-24
(Ps) Dt 32: 18-21
Mt 19: 16-22

Obedience works miracles. When God sends us, let us hold fast to this thought: He does not send me alone, but accompanies me with His grace (RSP p. 571)

From Father Tom: Obedience ... the one virtue that gets harder to observe the older you get! It is above and beyond the individual who imposes it, has nothing to do with his motives, can be very difficult and even unjust...but if the one asking for obedience is the lawful (or perhaps "awful") representative of God...let's do it! It's the real "secret of success."

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Cleric Gesualdo Angella SSP (1938)--Sr. M. Francesca Franchini FSP (1974)--Sr. M. Provvidenza Giordano PD (1985)--Raimondo Manca HFI (1991)--Bro Corrado Siccardi SSP (2003)--Creseciana Aguilera Quiroz IAM (2004)--Fr. Gabriele Todaro SSP (2010)--Lucio Albano (1971)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

August 16, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Sunday, August 17
Is 56: 1-7
Ps 67: 2-8
Rom 11: 13-32
Mt 15: 21-32

Good for all of us in the phrase "si scires donum Dei!-of you knew the gift of God!" Knowledge comes from consideration, and from knowledge comes acknowledgement and who with so wonderful benefit has shown himself as Love among us (SP Jun 1949).

From Father Tom: "If you knew the gift of God!" That could apply to the Divine Master Whom we will never know fully. It might apply to our vocation which will be rewarded in a way we could not imagine, or it might even apply to the results of our work, far beyond what we can observe. So...choose whichever interpretation appeals to you!

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Elena Bertella IAM (1990)--Sr. M. Amalia Bernardini FSP (2003)--Bro James Mann SSP (2010)--Claudina Spallacci HFI (2010)--Mary Grace Boyar (1982)

Friday, August 15, 2014

August 16, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Saturday, August 16
Ez 18: 1-13
Ps 51: 12-19
Mt 19: 13-15

Everything must conclude on Sunday in one great "Gloria in excelsis Deo et in terra pax hominibus" in honor of the Most Holy Trinity sung by the angels as program of life, apostolate and redemption of Jesus Christ. The Pauline lives in Christ (AD 183).

From Father Tom: I am not quite sure of the words "on Sunday" unless, of course, the Founder was referring to some specific event. Otherwise we can take the words "Gloria etc." as a general guide for our apostolate. It covers both aspects --"Gloria Dei"-giving God His place in our lives and work, and "pax hominibus"-the basic purpose of our apostolate.

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Sr. M. Flora Lyama FSP (1971)--Sr. Eufemia Morando FSP (1983)--Bro. Bernardino Boschetti SSP (1995)--Fr. Joseph Chircop SSP (1999)--Sr. M. Felicita Barbaduomo PD (2001)--Margarita Antonia Solis HFI (2002)--Fr. Pacifico Butani IJP (2004)--Sr. M. Filippina Brisindi PD (2009)--Sr. M. Giuseppina Di Miceli FSP (2010)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

August 15, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Friday, August 15
Rv 11: 19-12: 1-10
Ps 45: 10-16
1 Cor 15: 20-27
Lk 1: 39-56

O Mary, I contemplate you seated on the great throne of glory, beside your Son. Ignite in my heart a great desire for heaven (BM p. 401).

From Father Tom: What a great-though mysterious-event is contemplated in today's Feast! We know little about the actual life of Mary and even less about her death. So..let's think a little more about our own death: pray for the grace to enter courageously into eternity, and to have our sins forgiven and reparation made for them. But even more, pray for the thousands of unfortunates that at every moment are going into eternity tragically unprepared.

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Bro Salvatore Porcaro SSP (1982)--Sr. M. Joseph Coraddu FSP (1985)--Fr. Remo De Angelis IJP (1999)--M. Zulmira M. Pereira IAM (1999)--Annamaria Dessi HFI (2002)--Pedro Lopez (2008)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 14, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Thursday, August 14
Ez 12: 1-12
Ps 78: 56-62
Mt 18: 21-19: 1

God Himself works for those who work for God. Let s then always act as if everything depended on us; and pray as if everything depended on Him. (SP Jan 1950).

From Father Tom: The thought here: work as if everything depended on us and pray as if everything depended on God, is usually attributed to St. Ignatius, but apparently he never said it explicitly, (and if he didn't he should have said it!). Apparently it belongs to a spiritual son of his who made a collection of Ignatius' real sayings after the Saint's death...and added a few of his own for luck!

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Fr. Salvatore Alessandria SSP (1966)--Sr. Elvira Pusceddu FSP (1979)--Sr. Marcella Voerzio FSP (1980)--Sr. M. Palma Salzani FSP (1983)--Fr. Antonio Diaferia SSP (1990)--Bro Giancarlo Cavazza SSP (1992)--Sr. M. Rosangela Isano Natusko FSP (1996)--Sr. Mary Jospeh Shira FSP (2000)-- Fr Pop Bracchi SSP (2001)--Bro Rosario Scarnato SSP (2009)--Sr. M. Claudia Parco FSP (2010)--Fr. Virgilio Tito da Silva Ribeiro SSp (2011)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 13, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Wednesday, August 13
Ez  9: 1- 7
Ps 113: 1-6
Mt 18: 15-20

The times become ripe. They overtake men. Men are little servants of God, when they are docile and understand the sounds of events. We are drops of water in the great river of humanity which flows into eternity (SP Jun 1949).

From Father Tom: Interesting quote--new not only to you, but also to me. it comes from the San Paolo, a monthly bulletin the Founder penned regularly up to the time he retired. It contains the wisdom of a Pauline lifetime as distinguished from his books which tend to be more formal and lacking in the sparks of humor which Fr. Alberione allowed himself on rare occasions (the poor man's incessant suffering largely ruled out such sparks but made the rest of what he said more effective).

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Fr. Luigi Cocco SSP (1961)--Sr. M. Rosario Zapata FSP (1970)--Luigi Madeddu HFI (1990)--Sr. Timotea Ferraretto FSP (1998)--Francesco Scotti, Gabrielite (1999)--Fr. Domenico Maggi IJP (2001)--Rosario Romanisio FSP (2003)--Sr. Ignazia Balla FSP (2003)--Sr. M. Cuneguna Marietta PD (2007)--Bro Cipriano Caneva SSP (2009)

Monday, August 11, 2014

August 12, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Tuesday, August 12
Ez  2: 8- 3:4
Ps 119: 14, 103-111
Mt 18: 1-5, 10-14

The greatest wealth that we can give to this poor and proud world is none other than Jesus Christ. She continues to offer Him down the ages as the universal Mediatrix of grace. In this role she is our mother (AD 182).

From Father Tom: At last a mention of the dear Lady who is the reason we can speak of giving Jesus Christ to "this poor, proud world!" Perhaps we need a reminder on this point. Devotion to Mary is essential--Rosary, First Saturdays, Fatima, our own devotions. What is my situation vis-a-vis these practices? What is yours? Have I grown cold or careless? Maybe. Refuge of sinners, have mercy on me!

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Sr. M. Paolina Bellia PD (1962)--Sr. MaryBrigida Canchela FSP (1992)--Sr. M. Speranza Allegri FSP (1998)--Sr. M. Marcellina Cardoz FSP (2006)--Sr. Emanuela Iacovelli (2007)--Bro Amos Schibuola SSP (2009)--Andy Veig (1960)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

August 11, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Monday, August 11
Ez 1: 2-5, 24-28
Ps 148: 1-2, 11-14
Mt 17: 22-27

Your apostolate aims to form a new mentality in society: the Christian mentality, which then produces Christian mentality, which then produces Christian sentiments and Christian life, Christian legislation, Christian art, fear of God and all that assures spiritual life in souls and Christian life in society (Pensieri, p 167)

From Father Tom: This quote brings us back to the one for August 7: Work to develop a Christian mentality. So all we need are the latest media and when we transmit the Christian message, society will reform itself. If it were only that easy! Modern media, yes, but just pushing buttons and sending messages is not the answer. Our message is anything but popular and we have to add prayer and suffering if we are to obtain even modest results.

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Bro. Giovanni Marengo SSP (1974)--Ines Besana IAM (1975)--Fr. Ivo Micheletti IJP (1989)--Rosanna Gil de Valencia HFI (2001)--Antonietta Giorgio IAM (2004)--Sr. M. Kamabilt D'Addario FSP (2009)--Rober McGready (1990)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

August 10, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Sunday, August 10

1Kgs 19: 9-13
Ps 85: 9-14
Rom 9: 1-5
Mt 14: 22-33

The person who stops or slows down is over-taken. He will work in a field where the enemy has already harvested. Therefore it is necessary to add tot he antiquated and always very good systems of evangelization also those that are modern, effective and fast (SP May 1949)

From Father Tom: In 1949 the Founder did not fail to keep up with the times even though he would be stunned if he became aware of the enormous variety of ways to transmit thought available in our day. The problem today--as I keep on repeating--is to do what the Founder incessantly recommended: accompany the use of modern media with prayer. And that-in our day-is usually more difficult than using the latest gadget.

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Raimndo Falappi HFI (1981)--Fr Jose' Torres SSP (1995)--Sr. M. Lucia Ricci PD (2001)--Carminda Cerqueira Goncalves IAM (2005)--Sr. Domitila Ovi FSP (2008) Rosalie Bellavista HFI (2009)

Friday, August 8, 2014

August 9, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and with Father Toom

Saturday, August 9

Hb 1: 12-2: 4
Ps 9: 8-13
Mt 17: 14-20

In the Pauline Family there are many occasions for cooperation in the spirit, in vocations and in the apostolates. The good to be done is so much, the world is vast. What is not done must cause us pain. We must go forward every day, in sanctity and in the apostolate (SP Apr 1956)

From Father Tom: "Many occasions of cooperation." If my memory serves me properly, this was perhaps the principle taught by the Founder, but the practice in the earlier days left something to be desired--an exaggerated sense of the importance of one Congregation as compared to another and even one House compared to another in the same Congregation. We are not, thankfully, past that stage, coming together like bes protecting themselves from the cold.

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Sr M. Tecla Bassi (1983)--Sr. M. Ester Merleri FSP (2001)--Sr. Leus Abuda FSP (2007)--Sr. Camilla de Simoni FSP (2007)--Sr. Marta Gbrielli SGBP (2010)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

August 8, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Friday, August 8

Na 2: 1-3, 3:1-7
(Ps)Dt 32: 35-41
Mt 16: 24-28

There is no true prayer if our hands are in discord. Therefore, prayer and work. Action which proceeds from prayer (SP Sep-Oct 1953).

From Father Tom: "Hands in discord?" We would prefer "actions" in discord and in fact, the next line says that. "Action" is first of all in the mind and so we are talking of having the correct attitude to both prayer and work. Prayer without work? May be tolerated when the individual is old and worn. Work without prayer? Stop kidding yourself?(!)

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Francesca Useli Bacchitta IAM (1976)--Sr. M. Antonina Barone PD (1983)--Fr. Roberto Della Valle SSP (1992)--Fr. Roberto Caso IJP (1998)--Sr. M. Teresia Nakashima FSP (2000)--Bro Daniele Mantovani SSP (2001)--Adolfo Garcia HFI (2004)--Ileano Pianella HFI (2006)--Angela Moleri Lamera HFI (2010)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August 7, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Thursday, August 7

Jer 31: 31-34
Ps 51: 12:18
Mt 16: 13-23

Action and prayer tended towards Christian social action aimed at healing governments, the school, laws, family and international relations among classes. (All this) so that Christ, Way, Truth and Life may reign in the world! Here the Pauline Family has a wide-ranging task and responsibility (AD 63).

From Father Tom: Well! Quite a program, isn't it? Nothing like setting a high standard, not say an impossible one. But what is meant is not that Obama and his cabinet come to us asking our advice on proper living but simply that we have the heroic virtue to do what we can on these line, teaching and correcting in individuals how they should live. That is how God works. "The mills of God grind slowly but they grind very small."

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Sr. M. Silvana Zappellini FSP (1978 )--Pilar Mancenido IAM (1990)--Fr. Stansislaus Crovella SSP (1999)--Fr. Miguel Fernandez SSP (2001)--Sr. Bernardettta Olvieri SGBP (2002)--Sr. M. Attilia Messina FSP (2003)--Sr. Lorencina Smiderle FSP (2004)--Maria Matticchio HFI (2009)--Fr. Jose' Joao Crisostomo Pereira SSP (2011)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August 6, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Wednesday, August 6

Dn 7: 9-14
Ps 97: 1-9
2 Pt 1: 16-19
Mt 17: 1-9

When a soul consecrates itself to God and consecrates itself to God and consecrates itself for souls, then life is full, joyful, even if there are struggles, disappointments; even if after so many attempts, we do not succeed in doing good (Meditazioni per consacrate secolari, p. 337).

From Father Tom: When an important thought especially in these days of "struggles and disappointments!" Sometimes we are tempted to ask: 'Has my life any meaning? But of course it has if we concentrate on our consecration, on the inherent value of our life even if we are lying paralyzed, on the impossibility of reading hte Master's plans for us and so of entrusting everything confidently to Him.

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Sr. M. Domenica Noguchi FSP (1973)--Fr. Gerardo Franza SSP (1976)--Msgr Antonio Tedde IJP (1982)--Lucia Guberti IAM (1984)--Bro SEcond Demarie SSP (1986)--Gioconda Cagnazzo HFI (1986)--Sr. M. Nunzia Gacetta PD (1992)--Sr. M. Magdalena Gonzalez FSP (1997)--Fr. Antonio Perazzo SSP (1999)--Giuseppe Berti HFI (2005)--Bro Michele Colletti SSP (2007)--Fr. Hipolito Aberion SSP (2009)--Fr. J. Carl Vogel (2008) Ray Murray (1980)

Monday, August 4, 2014

August 5, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Tuesday, August 5
Jer 30:1-2
Ps 102: 16-29
Mt 14: 22-36

Believe in the Lord and in the apostolate! Our houses begin in the midst of notable difficulties of various kinds, but of comfort is the assurance: "Don't be afraid, I am with you" (SP May-Jun 1953).

From Father Tom: Believe in the Lord and in the apostolate! About the apostolate we can have two attitudes--both mistaken. One is that our time and efforts are useless--there are no results. The other is that we can measure results by the number of people reached. No sir. We are looking for changes which we have to leave to God. 

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Sr. M. Angiolina Mercanti PD (1975)--Sr. M. Biagina Priolo PD (1980)--Sr. M. Pelagia Di Nuzzo PD (1998)--Fr Francesco Curina IJP (2001)--Sr. M. Fernanda Rabottini PD (2003)--Sr. M. Beiamina Muzzi PD (2005)--Palma Fai HFI (2009)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

August 4, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Monday, August 4
Jer 28: 1-17
Ps 119: 29, 79-102
Mt 24: 22-36

The entire life of the Pauline Family has come from the Eucharist, but it was transmitted by Saint Paul. From the Eucharist because Jesus is the life, but the sacred Host, for it to enter our hearts, needs to be transported. And it was Saint Paul who has accomplished this work of communicating to us the life of Jesus Christ (FSP 54, p 141).

From Father Tom: "It was transmitted by St. Paul." I am happy to anticipate September when we will be, God wiling, running again that series of our Saint's life and work which we ran ten years ago. Jesus founded the Church, but it was St. Paul who brought it with pain and suffering and many tears to lands outside Palestine. 

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Fr Vittorio Bonelli SSP (1948)--Sr. M. Lucina Sarmiento FSP (1995)--Sr. M. Andreina Nota FSP (1995)--Sr. M. Cleofe Zanoni FSP (1998)--Sr. Ignina Taffiuri FSP (2001)--Beatrice Indorato IAM (2000)--Fr. Giacomo Gastone SSP (2003)--Sr. M. Gesualda Serra PD (2004)--Sr. M. Veritas Colletti FSP (2006)--Vittorina Dondi IAM (2011)--Mary T. Hickey (1991)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

August 3, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Sunday, August 3
Is 5: 1-3
Ps 145: 8-18
Rom 8: 35-39
Mt 14: 13-21

Let us resolve to give the first Sunday of the month to the Divine Master. This practice comes from the Divine will. We have a physical sign of it, felt by the eye, the hearing and the touch (SP Oct 1936).

From Father Tom: Very strong statement here: "This practice comes from the Divine will." And how am I, vis-a-vis this practice? (I mean myself, not you!). Have we not all some ground to make up? When will we convince ourselves that if prayer, and Pauline prayer in abundance, is lacking, in one or other branch of the Pauline Family will be history in twenty years?

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Sr.M Stella Zappalorto FSP (1944), John Netto (1959)

Friday, August 1, 2014

August 2, 2014 With Blessed Father Alberione and With Father Tom

Saturday, August 2
Jer 26: 11-14
Ps  69: 15-16, 30-34
Mt 14: 1-12

"DO NOT BE AFRAID, I AM WITH YOU"-That is with your Family that I have willed, that is mine, that I nurture and of which I part as its head. Do not waver, if even many are the difficulties, but that I may be always with you! No sins...(AD 156).

From Father Tom: In this vision the Founder tells us a out what the Divine Master says: "Do now waver if even many are the difficulties." We would say today: "Because there are many difficulties we will not waver and we will especially remember "No sins."

Please Pray for Our Deceased: Sr.Rosaria Toschi SGBP (1999)--Sr. M. Agnes Kurihara FSP (2008)--Isabella Fais HFI (2008)--Sr. M. James Tharappel PD (2010)--Sr. M. Tersia Gastaldo PD (2010)--Mary Veig (1972)